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Welcome to Cash Capital Services
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Welcome to Cash Capital Services

Are you the holder of a private owner financed residential mortgage note, mobile home note, business note, or similar contractual amortized payment obligation but now find the need for a LUMP SUM of CASH?.  If so, we can help!

At Cash Capital Services, our experienced contract buyers are recognized experts in providing our clients with maximum CASH OUTS when the need arises to sell a contractual or promissory obligation.  Best of all, you can use your CASH OUT funds for virtually any purpose including...

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If you are in the need of FA$T CA$H and are contemplating the sale of a note, settlement, or similar obligation, your first step is to contact us for a FREE conditional quotation.  Alternatively, you can submit one of our "Quick Quote" online quotation forms.  We can typically quote your note within 24 hours of submission.  Why not give us a call today?